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How To Brush your Teeth – The Dentist Recommended Method

how to brush your teeth

Learn How To Brush your Teeth

2 minutes is the dentist recommended time to brush your teeth properly. Most people, even adults, don’t come near that 2 minute mark. To get a feel for what 2 minutes of brushing necessary, next time you brush use a stopwatch.

What is the right way to brush?

When it comes to how to brush your teeth, first off, be gentle, you are not deep scrubbing your bathroom floor, your teeth and gums are living things, treat them nice by gently polishing rather than roughly scrubbing.

Proper brushing of the teeth is the biggest step towards dental hygiene. Use short, gentle strokes, paying extra attention to the gum-line, hard-to-reach back teeth, and areas around fillings, crowns, or other dental restoration.

Concentrate on thoroughly cleaning each section as follows:

  1. Clean the outer surfaces of your upper teeth, then your lower teeth
  2. Clean the inner surfaces of your upper teeth, then your lower teeth
  3. Clean the chewing surfaces
  4. For fresher breath and overall dental hygiene be sure to brush your tongue, too

What’s the deal with Electric Toothbrushes?

Electric toothbrushes were made to decrease the physical energy needed to achieve proper cleaning strokes. The real factor in a toothbrush is the bristles. A soft bristled brush is dentist recommended. Even though medium and hard bristle brushes exist, these are more for cleaning of other things besides living teeth like dentures and hard to reach spaces in the toilet, and cleaning grout between tiles.

What’s The Best Toothpaste?

It is important you choose a toothpaste that works for you. Different toothpastes target different conditions such as cavities, gingivitis, tartar, stained teeth and sensitivity. Ask your dentist or dental hygienist what toothpaste is right for you.

Replacing your toothbrush

Yes, you need to replace your toothbrush! Every three months is a rule of thumb, but if your brush is showing wear, don’t wait.┬áIt is also very important to change toothbrushes after you’ve had a cold, since the bristles can collect germs that can lead to reinfection.


Now you know how to brush your teeth!