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Now That I Have My Retainer….

A few weeks ago I told you the story of my experience getting braces. It was a very interesting time for me to say the least. There is however, another side to that story. After my braces came off, I had to get a retainer. Fear not my fellow orthodontic appliance wearing friends, retainers are much different than braces and far less annoying. I want to share with you what I went through with my retainer so that you, the reader will not have to worry about it when your time comes. The retainer was needed to make sure that my teeth stayed in their brand new positions. It seems like a lot of work, but trust me, it is worth it in the end.

So I had just spent the last… year and a half or so in my braces. For those who read the first part of this story know what I went though, and those who have had or currently have braces, you get how much fun it is too. When the time finally came to get them taken off I was overjoyed. Even though I knew that the retainer was coming next, it didn’t matter to me at all. Once they were finally removed, I had about a week before I was back in the chair getting molded for my retainer. We all know how much fun it is getting molds taken of our teeth, right? Well, lets just say that this was not my favorite part. What I did like was when my orthodontist asked me what I wanted my retainer to look like. Wait? I get to have it custom made? I was actually really excited about this. Sure, most people would never see it, but at least it would make me a little happier having to wear it. I chose black and red colors because at the time, I really liked the way those two colors looked together. Depending on what kind of retainer you end up having to get, you can get all kinds of custom designs. It was a lot of fun.

Now there are some really nice differences between my braces and the retainer I had. The best part: I COULD TAKE IT OFF! There were both advantages and disadvantages to this. Now when I ate, I didn’t have to worry about food or anything getting stuck. The only downside I saw to this the entire time I had it, was having to carry around the case and hoping I didn’t forget it. There is nothing more awkward than having to take our your retainer and not have anywhere to put it. I guess that is what someone with dentures must feel like? Anyway, getting to take the retainer out was awesome.

There is one important thing that needs to be remembered, you have to clean it regularly, just like your teeth. If you don’t not only will you have a strange odor with your retainer, there will be an increased likelihood of bacteria. So my advice would be, when you go through your daily hygiene routine, make sure you include your retainer too! Another thing to remember is to wear it! Now I know that seems like the logical thing to say, but a lot of people, including me, have forgotten to wear it for a while. If you forget too long it will become increasingly harder to put back in. Your teeth will still shift for a while as they are not used to the new spots. So don’t forget that retainer!

I hope that this takes some worry off your mind and you are little less hesitant about getting your retainers. Remember, your almost done! Don’t forget to smile.